About Tooradin Flying School

About Tooradin Flying School


  • Professional Instructors
  • Competitive Rates
  • Situated less than a 1 hour drive south east of the Melbourne CBD
  • No Club or School Fees
  • No Aviation Medical Certificate required
  • No Aviation Security Identification Card required
  • No Aviation Reference Number required
  • Clear of Controlled Airspace
  • No Wasted Time and Money Waiting for Take Off or Landing clearance
  • Short Taxi distance to runways
  • Fly in uncrowded Training Area
  • Realistic Training Sequences not available at most other metropolitan airports.

We are located approximately 1 hour from the Melbourne CBD, at the Tooradin Airfield, just 5km east of Tooradin township on the South Gippsland Highway.

Tooradin Flying School operates 7 days per week, with flight training from 8.00am until 10 minutes before last light, weather permitting.

The School is well clear of controlled airspace and therefore not subject to Air Traffic Control as Moorabbin or Essendon airports. This means students do not waste valuable money and time waiting for permission to commence flight training operations.

The airfield is situated on the edge of picturesque Western Port Bay, and has a number of runways to ensure training can be carried out in most conditions. This allows students to experience operations on various runway surfaces and conditions ( sealed, grass, and gravel), enhancing their skill and confidence level.

Prior to each lesson students are provided with a full pre flight briefing as to what is expected in the lesson and later a post flight briefing and discussion to ensure they are satisfied with the outcome of the lesson.

Training is carried out in high wing Jabiru J170 or a low wing Flysynthesis Texan Top Class aircraft aircraft, all equipped with VHF radio, GPS, and transponder.

Once students have gained their pilots certificate our aircraft are available for private hire at the solo rate.

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Tooradin Flying School
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