Emergency Procedures Review

Emergency Procedures Review

How long is it since you have practiced your emergency procedures,that is engine failures,control failures,in- flight fires,and unintentional flight into IMC.

 Not since your flight test or last BFR you say.

Most private pilots do not practice these procedures adequately and consequently can find themselves in serious trouble in the unlikely event of an in flight emergency.

In an effort to assist pilots in maintaining their skills in this important aspect of aviation we are introducing a Simulated Emergency Revision course. The course will be conducted by the CFI and will be of 4 hours duration comprising 2.5 hours of instructional flying and 1.5 hours of theory, briefings and discussion. A printed handout of the main elements of the course will also be provided.

Each course will be restricted to 2 pilots and there will be only 1 course per day to ensure all participants gain maximum benefit.

The cost of the course will be $580.00 in a Jabiru, $600 in the Texan.or $300 if you have your own aircraft.. 

If you are interested in participating in this valuable program please contact us via email or phone to organise a time