Flight Training Rates and Course Packages

Product and Services Price List

Schedule of Rates and Charges (YTDN Base)
Solo Rates Dual Rates
Texan Top Class $175.00 $250.00
Jabiru J160/J170 $175.00 $250.00
Piper Tomahawk PA38 $220.00 $320.00
Cessna 152 C152 $220.00 $320.00
Cessna 152 Aerobat C152A $220.00 $320.00
Cessna 172 Skyhawk C172N/M $245.00 $345.00
Cessna 172 Cutlass C172RG $295.00 $395.00
Cessna 182 RG Skylane TR182 $415.00 $515.00
RAAus Instructor Dual Flight Training in COMPANY aircraft $75.00
GA Instructor Dual Flight Training in COMPANY aircraft $100.00
GA/RAAus Instructor Hire/Line Pilot Services training in OWNER’s aircraft $125.00
GA/RAAus Instructor ground briefing and theory delivery $75.00
Biennial Flight Review (BFR) – COMPANY RAAus Aircraft $275.00
Biennial Flight Review (BFR) – Owner RAAus Aircraft $150.00
Aircraft Engineering knowledge Assessment Exam $192.50
Pre-Solo, Area Solo Exams, Flight Ratio Operators Assessment (each) $192.50
RAAus in-house Exams (each) $55.00
Aviation English Language Proficiency (AELP) Assessment $192.50
RPL A/H Cyber Exam (Time permitted 2 hrs. Pass mark, not less than 70%) $186.00
RPLN Cyber Exam (Time permitted 1 hr 30 mins. Pass mark, not less than 70%) $173.70
PPL A/H Cyber Exam (Time permitted 3 hrs 30 mins. Pass mark, not less than 70%) $207.70
RPL/PPL/CPL Flight Test – Flight Examiner Fee $950.00

Please note:

  • Minimum flight time is 0.3 of 1 hour
  • Logbook & current membership required.
  • Private hire in excess of 4 hours will be dry hire.
  • For GA (VH- ), block pricing is only up to pilots holding a minimum of RPL.

Trial Introductory Flight:

  • 60 Minutes in Jabiru or Texan $250.00

Program Terms and Conditions with Product Disclosure

All training packages exclude the following (unless otherwise explicitly included in the product or training package).

  1. RAAus Annual Membership fee.
  2. Medical and CASA Licensing Fees.
  3. ASIC and any other Industry related Security Checks.
  4. Maps, Charts, ERSA and any AIP Publications that will be required.
  5. Pilot Headset and Navigational planning kit.
  6. RPL, PPL, CPL Theory is not included in the training package, however if required candidates can request Instructor tuition which will be charged at the published rates.
  7. Flight Test and Flight Examiner Fee is additional and not included in the Training Package.
Other Terms and conditions:
  1. Please note GST is not applicable to students enrolled in a Commercial Pilot training program. Students enrolled exclusively in either a RPC, RPL or PPL program will be charged GST in accordance with ATO ruling.
  2. The course is designed to meet the CASA prescribed minimum aeronautical standard, however, if a student fails to meet the proficiency levels required for Flight Test then additional or remediation training will be charged as per our Flight Training Rates. Please refer to the Flight Training Rates Section.
  3. All training packages are full fee program and full tuition fee is due on admission into the program.
  4. Funding is available to eligible and approved candidates.
  5. Endorsement Processing and Administration Levy Fee applies to various Phase and training packages.
  6. Amber Aviation Academy reserves the right to change, alter or modify any published product or pricelist at its sole discretion with or without notification.
  7. Rates and Charges include GST unless indicated in the specific rates table.
  8. Aircraft Rates are charged on VDO.
  9. Aircraft Rates are based on wet hire and subject to change according to fuel surcharge.
  10. Fuel purchased by the hirer away from YTDN shall be reimbursed at rates published by Flight Operations. The hirer should check and compare destination fuel prices with operations prior to flight.
  11. Aircraft rates exclude landing Air service and Terminal Navigation Charges away from YTDN.
  12. Aircraft not returned within the hire period will incur a $1200.00 overnight fee.
  13. Rates and Charges are subject to change without notice.
  14. Pilots must meet the recurrence and proficiency requirements and standards of Tooradin Flying School.
  15. Each flight requires authorization by the Flight Operations manager or an authorized delegate of Tooradin Flying School.
  16. A cancellation fee of 75% of booked flights will be charged in case of no show or cancellation within 24 hours of flight time.
  17. Tooradin Flying School reserves the absolute right to cancel a booking without notice at its discretion due to operational or other reasons.
  18. An admin fee of $95.00 applies for omissions of En-route & Landing Charges upon return and any incorrect flight log entries will be adjusted, corrected, and charged back to the hirer.
  19. In the event of accident where the Hirer is deemed to be at fault then the Hirer will be responsible for the cost of repairs and salvage of the aircraft if: the repair cost is below $2,800.00 then this will be recovered from the Hirer; or the repair cost is over $2,800.00, the Hirer will be liable for the insurance excess fee of $2,800.00
  20. Please refer to our websites for full terms and conditions, including our refund policy.