Tooradin Flying School Flight Training Program

Tooradin Flying School conducts flight training in accordance with the Recreational Aviation Australia syllabus.

Flight Training may be commenced at any age but solo flying cannot be carried out until 15 years of age.

Training typically begins with a Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) where you are given a simple pre flight briefing before taking to the air with your Instructor. You take control of the aircraft once at altitude and carry out some  basic manoeuvres to get the feel of actually flying the aircraft.  If you decide that you wish to continue with lessons the time you spent on your TIF counts towards your pilot certificate.

The minimum flight time required to gain your Recreational Aviation Pilot Certificate is 20 hours including a minimum of 5 hours solo. You can then proceed to gain your Passenger Carrying endorsement and Cross Country endorsement. There are 5 multiple choice theory exams which must be passed and we supply training manuals and theory training if required.  No aviation medical is required but you must be medically fit enough to hold a motor vehicle drivers licence.

Annual Membership of RAAus is required after you have flown 3 hours on your free temporary membership,

General Aviation pilots who wish to gain a RAAus pilot certificate can convert in a relatively short time depending on currency and competency, for further enquiries, please phone our office on (03) 5998 3722.

Our team of Instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience in flight training to help you achieve your goals in a safe and structured environment so if you reside in the Melbourne area why not let your flight training adventure begin today at Tooradin Flying School.

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